Why Hand Shaped ?

Why buy handmade? Its a question as individuals and skaters we feel very passionate about -  “Hand shapers put time and love into a board - which means the board you get is uniquely yours, fussed over and finished unlike any other” - Ben Martin ( devoted board collector and co founder of Board Couture ).

We here at Board Couture love hand shapers not only for that love they put in, but they allow you to directly support your local shaper, community and or more importantly an INDIVIDUAL CRAFTSMEN as opposed to sold out corporations.  Shapers take the time to work with their hands to craft a board for an appreciative public - THAT BOARD HAS SOUL, no mass produced board will ever have the ATTENTION TO DETAIL this has.

By buying handmade You keep to the very essence of where skateboard got its original DIY attitude & Board Couture ask you to think about that for a second, the first boards were home made, and THE BEST BOARDS now are made by VERY SMALL BUILDERS... Nothing has changed but the middle, the middle still think that the board they mass produce will suit everyone - it doesn't.  They are good, great even.. But will never have that last word in craftsmanship.