About Us

Board couture is founded by Ben Martin and Daniel Anderson a couple of Aussie blokes who are passionate about skating and the craftsmanship involved in hand shaped skateboards. Riding, shaping, competing and working in the skate industry since the early 90’s we have seen the market change alot over these years and now to our delight its finding its way back to its roots.         

But we're just the monkeys behind the store, board couture is much larger than that, Board Couture is all the hand shapers around the globe uniting to finally stick it to the mass produced market who have deadened our senses and removed the art form from what gave us our integrity and individuality.

Together you will hear our voice and side by side you will see our products. You may be forgiven if you haven’t heard of many, if any, but that is because they are tucked away in a back yard shed working quietly away and until now you have had to search hard or rely on your mates unwavering knowledge of all things skateboarding.

Currently we are connected to over 50+ hand shapers and every day we see more come out of the wood work rubbing the dust out of their eyes, so many more. In fact 1000’s and 1000’s more DIY skaters and students with groovy shop teachers making their first deck or reshaping an old one, we see artists commissioned to paint branded decks for skaters desperately trying to set themselves apart & still were either bombarded with the mass produced marketing barrage swaying you to the dark side or you just simply cant find your local shaper, they are out there, and you can now find them here.
As a single voice the hand shaper is downed out, but as a collective group we hope to drive the mass produced companies back into their lazy offices where if quality is the defining factor they have shown no loyalty to anything other than cutting costs and improving profit margins. Now we are united and in the open we hope you can adapt the no love given = no love shown stance on the corporations and embrace your hand shaper with open arms.